Saint Anne welcomes individual and groups who desire to share in the many ministries available at the mission.

Benefactors from nearby states frequently hold clothing and food drives to benefit the people served by the mission.

Throughout the year, Saint Anne hosts youth groups sponsored by parishes, schools, and other organizations who wish to schedule a mission experience among the Navajo people.

The mission has facilities to separately house male and female volunteers. Appropriate measures are also taken to ensure proper supervision of minors in sleeping quarters physically separate from adult chaperones.

Volunteers often assist in the regular ministries of the mission. Special projects serving those in particular need are often arranged for visiting groups. These may include home painting and repair, helping with livestock, visits to nursing homes and other facilities, and other needs that arise.


School campus ministers and parish youth ministers who are interested in sponsoring a mission group experience at Saint Anne should contact Brother Charles Schilling for available dates and other details.

Email (preferred): bcs86511@gmail.com


St Gabriel Catholic Church Youth Group
St Gabriel, LA
July 22-29, 2020

Mt St Charles Academy
Woonsocket, RI
November 6-11, 2020

St Mary's High School
Phoenix, AZ
November 18-22, 2020

St Stanislaus College
Bay St Louis, MS
November 22-27, 2020

McQuaid Jesuit High School
Rochester, NY
February 13-20, 2021

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